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Wang Yibing



Liu Honghe

Vice President

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Qian Jia

Vice President

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Zhao Mali

Managing director

Our Team

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Kong Meijin

Managing director

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Chen Lixian

General Counsel

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Guang xiuhua

General Counsel

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Yurong Wei


Our Team

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Huang Xiaochan

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Deng Ruoyan

Financial consultant
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Chen Qingqing

Director General
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Tan Dena

 Vice director Consultant
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Zhao Yihe

11zon_cropped (15).png

Zhang Xiuping

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Mai Wantin

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Chen Meixian

Vice Director General

Our Team

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Li Yughua

11zon_cropped (19).png

Mei Meie

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Zhang Lishan

11zon_cropped (21).png

Lei Diena

11zon_cropped (22).png

Mai Huiqing

11zon_cropped (23).png

Chen La La

11zon_cropped (24).png

Li Zhuanzi

11zon_cropped (25).png

Ye Ruiqing

Our Team

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Chen Huiyan

11zon_cropped (27).png

Huang Xiaolian

11zon_cropped (28).png

Mai Naichan

11zon_cropped (29).png

Zhen Huixian

11zon_cropped (30).png

Huang Xueyan

11zon_cropped (31).png

Li Qiyan

11zon_cropped (32).png

Li Pingzhen

11zon_cropped (33).png

Chen Lianjin

Our Team

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Chen Hongfang

11zon_cropped (35).png

Feng Zhongling

11zon_cropped (36).png

Zhang Xiaoying

Financial Officer
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Qing Qing

Minister of recreation
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Lin Qiying

11zon_cropped (39).png

Huang Lijuan

11zon_cropped (40).png

Lin Yanping

11zon_cropped (41).png

Liu Qun


Our Team

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Dai Siying

11zon_cropped (44).png

Chen Yanfen

11zon_cropped (45).png

Zhu Qinghong

11zon_cropped (46).png

Ma Yuee

Volunteer Minister
11zon_cropped (47).png

Zeng Peifen

11zon_cropped (48).png

Luo Yanshan

11zon_cropped (49).png

Liu Peijuan

11zon_cropped (50).png

Wang Shuqing

Our Team

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Huang Manyuan

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Li Yinai


Let's Make A Change

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